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You’d think that after a year and a switch to online meetings, we’d now have mastered the art of collaborating remotely. But no, when it comes to working on a design project together, we can’t help but wish our team members were in the room so we could literally sketch them.

There are some things that will always be easier to do with an old pencil and paper, but luckily technology has caught up with that particular problem. If you work in any area of ​​visual design, you owe yourself (and your colleagues) get Markup Hero, the app that turns almost any file into a collaborative notebook.

For designers, Markup Hero will match Slack and other essential apps in the remote work toolkit. It allows users to upload an image or take a screenshot directly in the app and then share it with others, as well as notes, drawings or direct edits that you can apply in a snap. ‘eye.

This opens up a whole new level of collaboration for PDFs, photos, advertisements, or even entire web pages. Users can access an arsenal of annotation tools including text boxes, highlighters, arrows or blur effects that help get the point across. You can even change font color or size, remove or move images, and scale parts of the page, all on the fly.

Sharing files is easy: create a unique link to share with others, or simply copy your annotations to the clipboard and paste them into an email or memo in any popular messaging service. Privacy settings ensure your annotations stay within the team, and you can easily save and organize multiple versions of your work.

PCMag readers can get a two-year subscription to the Markup Hero Screenshot & Annotation app for $48, which is 60% off the MSRP of $120.

Prices subject to change.

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