[60% off] Markup Hero Review – the best screenshot annotation tool for Chromebook users

I’m a big proponent of productivity tools and resources. Every time I write something promoting Chrome extensions, apps, or just tips and tricks for Chromebook users to get the most out of their devices, the feedback I get is that y’all are very also interested. Today I wanted to draw your attention to something that I have been using lately. While Chrome OS recently gained the ability to tag screenshots directly through its media app, it has its limitations and there is currently no feature directly from Google that allows you to do this on all operating systems. .

Fortunately, Chrome extensions are very useful in such situations. Markup Hero is a free screen capture and annotation tool designed to increase your productivity and improve communication. With it, you can take screenshots, scroll screenshots of entire Chrome tabs, application windows, or the entire device screen with just one click. Once you do, your screenshot will open immediately so you can use a powerful set of tools to make edits to it before sharing it with its own unique URL.

Turn Markup Hero into an icon on your Chromebook to make it look like a program!

As you can see above, Markup Hero lets you add text, shapes, images, and more. to your screenshots and move each element as much as you want. You can also crop images quickly, which is helpful. I was actually a bit surprised at the amount of freedom I had with what was on offer. For example – and this is my favorite feature – when text is typed, you can resize it horizontally to allow it to occupy one or more lines, or resize it diagonally to dynamically change the font size with nothing other than your mouse.

The pen tool is a great way to draw attention to something in your media, like I did with The Chrome Cast, our very own podcast you should totally listen to! (taken shamelessly). By choosing the drop-down menu next to the pen, you can also select a highlighter, and there are 11 colors to choose from for each – all pretty standard these days. Oh, and of course you can change the thickness of the drawing tools. Where Markup Hero shines though is its beautifully modern and functional interface, and its fast screenshot capabilities.

Many options are just a click away via the Extensions menu!

Not only can you access it directly from the Chrome browser’s extensions menu, but for those who want to make it more native, it can also be activated using keyboard shortcuts! Full-page screenshots, scrolling screenshots, full screenshots, or direct access to your annotations with just three keystrokes. My only complaint is that you can’t change the keyboard shortcuts, but I understand that most of the keys are already used by Chrome itself. Even better would be the ability to relegate a standard screenshot to a single keypress. According to his official roadmap, there’s plenty to be excited about, so I’ll keep an eye on that and submit my application!

Planned updates include a commenting tool with mentions, advanced sharing, featured area screenshots (yes, please!), screenshot scrolling improvements, collections shared and more. Markup Hero can be installed directly through the Chrome Web Store in addition to my usual recommendation to turn the site into an icon on your Chromebook so it looks like an app. Once you take a few screenshots, you’ll find that making the site a standalone web app can help you quickly access your existing media faster.

Honestly, the coolest and most useful feature offered by Markup Hero is the ability to annotate and draw directly on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, and images right from Google Drive using its Marketplace integration. This means that Workspace users who are students or employees can optimize their collaboration efforts without leaving their existing workflow. Although the tool is completely free, Markup Hero can be upgraded to a “Superhero” subscription for only $4 per month if you want access to features such as unlimited file uploads and annotations, files more large size (50MB vs. 8MB), offline mode (coming soon) and much more.

While I’m extremely impressed with this product, I wish the free account limitations were relaxed a bit. Five to ten image or screenshot downloads per month barely seems enough to integrate the tool into your life and become attached to it before shelling out the money for a monthly subscription. Instead, it feels like it’s just enough to tease you before you get frustrated. I first tried Markup Hero without claiming my promo code so I can feel these limitations on your behalf, and for someone who takes tons of screenshots all day (maybe you don’t don’t, and that’s fine!) I felt like I hit a brick wall within the first few minutes of using a free account. Still, it’s an incredibly well-built product, and the developers deserve compensation for the premium features they’ve created.

Co-founder Jeff Solomon contacted me recently to let me know about Markup Hero and although this is not a sponsored post, Jeff provided me with an extended trial of the Superhero subscription as a of thanks for my honest and unfiltered review of the product. That said, I want you all to have a little something too. Geeky Gadgets is offering 60% off “Superhero” 2-year subscription for new users for the next 7 days. This is normally priced at $120, but you can pick it up for just $48. There’s also a one-year subscription offer for just $27 instead of $60. Then it’ll only cost you $4 a month or $48 a year if you pay upfront – not too shabby. Four bucks is next to nothing compared to the usual $10-15 subscription cost of most things these days, and if you find you’ll be using it daily and often, it’s well worth it.

Have you ever used Markup Hero for school or work? Of all the annotation plugins I’ve tried, this is definitely the best I’ve come across, and I’m a little upset I didn’t hear about it sooner! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and whether you’ll give it a try or not. With such a massive reduction, it can’t hurt to see what the fuss is about. Use the big blue button below to visit Geeky Gadgets. Remember that Markup Hero is completely free to set up, but with this offer I feel like you’ll be able to further evaluate it for yourself before subscribing at a monthly cost after expiration of your 2 years. Enjoy!

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